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Asset Management Systems Guide for GIS - FREE Web Mapping Online Services
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Asset Management Systems Guide for GIS

Asset Management Systems Guide for GIS

The connection between Asset Management Systems and GIS is becoming more grounded and more imperative, however regularly GIS experts don’t have encounter working with Asset Management Systems, and that can cause issues. To help, we are putting forth this short arrangement of articles expected as a guide for GIS experts.

There are various approaches to approach this subject, yet we will begin from an abnormal state and work our way down. Today, we will go over the accompanying:

Two Aspects of Decision-Making: Requirements versus Capacities


  • What is the motivation behind resource following?
  • What resources do we have to oversee?
  • What data would we say we are keen on following about these advantages?
  • What level of multifaceted nature would we like to use for various resource sorts?

In our second article, we will cover:

Abilities: What are the capacities of the advantage administration framework we are thinking about? Would it be a good idea for us to utilize resource administration programming or a custom database arrangement? How would we choose what to do?



Prerequisites versus Abilities

At its easiest, any innovation speculation choice at last comes down to two components:

  • What are the prerequisites?
  • What are the capacities of the different arrangements?

That sounds simple, isn’t that right? But it’s most certainly not.

The undertaking of surveying the prerequisites for resource administration is regularly more convoluted than individuals envision. Contrasted with a great deal of different GIS information/objects/highlights like address focuses or natural ranges, a few sorts, segments, and mixes of advantages are considerably more mind boggling. This can get out an unpracticed GIS individual when they are endeavoring to manage resource administration.

Another part of benefit necessities are the insights about every advantage. This can be mind boggling not just in light of the qualities of the advantage, yet additionally, extra related data of which you have to follow along.

The other side, obviously, is the capacity of the product. It isn’t just a question of taking a gander at an agenda of highlights in the product and checking whether they coordinate the advantage sorts. A considerable lot of the advantage connections are not standard arrangements out of the case. The product must be fit for these setup needs.

The other piece of the product is valuing, and along these lines, finding the nexus amongst cost and capacity is basic. This is the place the dialog with respect to what frame or sort of advantage administration framework is suitable must be had. Do you require devoted programming, or an easier arrangement of database tables and questions to serve your necessities?

Both these angles taken together mean this choice requires a lot of thought and arranging. We should now take a gander at every viewpoint in more detail.



The sorts of prerequisites identified with resources can be very mind boggling. It isn’t quite recently the area or status of a question that is regularly managed by resource administration frameworks; those frameworks can frequently manage useful ranges, for example,

  • Establishment history.
  • Guarantee period.
  • Arranged support.
  • Impromptu occurrences and shortcomings.
  • Real support.
  • Valuation.
  • Cost of proprietorship.
  • Protection status.
  • Lawful/administrative consistence.

Significance. For instance, is this advantage a memorable working (with security from unapproved adjustment or devastation), and so forth.?

A considerable lot of the above aren’t basic 1:1 characteristic connections either. A decent case of this is genuine support performed. That support can take many structures, from straightforward cleaning, to weed control on the off chance that it is an open channel, to spot repairs in different areas, or covering on the off chance that it is a pipeline, the distance to finish substitution if its condition has crumbled enough to warrant that. Monitoring these distinctive alternatives requires more than a solitary property on the benefit layer.

This means the necessities for your advantage administration framework are straightforwardly identified with the sorts of benefits and the data about every advantage, that you wish to oversee. To decide this, you require data in three noteworthy classes:

  • What resources should be overseen?
  • What resource traits are required?
  • What is the ultimate objective of dealing with these benefits?
  • What is the reason behind following resources?

Before you can make sense of what to track, you have to know why you will be following specific resources. The reasons are changed, and each may require particular data about a similar resource. How about we take a gander at a couple of the most well-known:


Operations and Maintenance

This is most likely the key capacity of advantage administration frameworks, enough that they are frequently called another name: Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. Regardless of whether you are a private association, business, or an open office, in the event that you have physical resources, they need customary upkeep to guarantee they are working appropriately. This is vital for two reasons:

  • It broadens the life of said resource, diminishing lifetime cost.
  • It guarantees that the benefit does not represent a danger.

A few things to be followed here are the condition and age of the benefit. You might need to monitor upkeep history, when it was kept up, who took the necessary steps, and whether it was normal support or an unscheduled repair.


Condition Tracking

It merits having this as a different passage from operations and upkeep since it can really have applications past O&M. It might likewise be more particular than following for support which is quite recently searching for issues. When you are following condition particularly, it can be a continuous record of perceptions, as well because of a far reaching audit of a benefit or set of advantages.

A decent case of this is the point at which a city has a road overview performed. In this procedure, each road is looked into and alloted a condition score, alongside a normal debasement of condition for the following 1-5 years. This can be joined with infrequent perceptions and data about late update ventures, to organize future work. The procedure to set this up may require following characteristics for a mix of various resource sorts.


Capital Improvement Planning

Capital Improvements is any change that expands the estimation of the benefit included. The expansion in esteem is not the same as O&M where the objective is to just keep up the state of benefits. On account of open organizations, the arranging angle becomes possibly the most important factor on the grounds that the activities are by and large assembled together to accomplish economies of scale, both in time and cost.

Since they are bigger activities, they require more subsidizes, thus it is vital that the ventures are carefully conceived and performed in places where they will have the most effect. Therefore, there is a more extended vision for arranging these tasks, and records are kept up for at least 5 years and now and again reaching out to 15 or 20 years.

Keeping these rundowns refreshed and organized is a key place where resource following can become possibly the most important factor. A decent case of this is the point at which a city is arranging a road clearing venture. You would prefer not to simply take a gander at the lanes themselves, yet in addition some other resources in the ground, similar to sewer, storm water, electrical, and so forth., that may should be tended to before you clear. Nothing gets under the skin of occupants quicker than seeing a road cleared, at that point not as much as after a year, having it be uncovered again in light of the fact that a sewer or water line needs substitution.


Administrative Compliance

In the U.S., we have something many refer to as GASB 34, which expects us to keep up some valuation of every benefit possessed by a city, which can run from sewer, to structures, to more obscure things like trees, which are, unexpectedly, somewhat perceived however substantial resource, both in esteem and support.

There are different controls that additionally require some level of following resources. On the tempest water side, some portion of your release allow incorporates keeping up a stock of the encased lines. It is only a stage from that point to having a cleaning timetable to guarantee these lines are being kept up legitimately so they are clear should a tempest happen.

Since we’ve taken a gander at a portion of the reasons you would need to track your benefits, the time has come to survey the assortment of advantages you have to track.


What resources should be overseen?

The response to this inquiry might be found by taking a gander at the things for which your association is capable. On the off chance that you are a city, this might be utility data like water, sewer or tempest water; road data, such as clearing, walkways, road lights, and so forth; power; phone lines, shafts, and so on. It might incorporate offices, similar to city lobby, fire offices, police headquarters, or bigger regions, similar to parks and play areas, that are kept up by the city.

On the off chance that the overseeing element is a business, you may take a gander at an armada of vehicles, or land, both land and structures. In the event that a school or college, you may locate that numerous parts of a city likewise apply, as a grounds has a similar foundation, with the expansion of structures, classrooms, and specific systems.

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The most ideal approach to make sense of what is essential is to converse with the topic specialists. This may incorporate your open works staff, offices administrators, IT staff, and so forth. As GIS experts, it is anything but difficult to get got in the trap of supposing we have to make sense of this ourselves. This is indiscretion.

Ask the general population that know. Most circumstances, they are glad to disclose to all of you about the advantages, particularly in the event that you have a comment that will enable them to carry out their employments better. This additionally applies to the following point, which is: Once you have made sense of what advantages for track, what do you have to think about them?


What information is critical about every benefit?

In particular, you have to answer the inquiry, “What information is basic to keep up about these benefits that will give me a chance to satisfy the reasons recorded previously?”

There are two sections to this procedure. To start with, decide how you need to speak to the advantages. A few resources are entirely simple to characterize, as sew

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