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5 Fatal Web Map Design Mistakes - FREE Web Mapping Online Services
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5 Fatal Web Map Design Mistakes

Web Map Design

5 Fatal Web Map Design Mistakes

As a large portion of us are now mindful, the times of sharing Web Map Design through PDF or compressed shapefiles are numbered. Intelligent web maps are currently the technique for decision with regards to distributing and sharing Web Map Design.

In case you’re not planning Web Map Design as of now, it won’t be long until you will be, so we’ve arranged this short rundown of the most widely recognized web delineate missteps.


5 Fatal Web Map Design Mistakes

Web Map Design

#1 Making maps that aren’t outwardly captivating

The web is the home of the restricted ability to focus. When making desktop maps you’re normally guaranteed of a hostage crowd yet for web maps nothing could be further from reality.

Your web guide will contend with a large group of other open program tabs all containing bright and connecting with sites that are competing for your clients consideration. Your web delineate to have the capacity to stand shoulder to bear with those diversions by utilizing an indistinguishable strategies from customary sites:

  • Brilliant/strong hues
  • Extensive, simple to peruse text styles
  • A clean uncluttered interface


#2 Making maps that don’t recount a story

Indeed to push back against the constrained ability to focus of web surfers, your guide needs to come to the heart of the matter. You have to deliver centered maps that endeavor to pass on a solitary message in an unmistakable and succinct way.

You require need to take after the exhortation of Steve Krug’s exemplary 2005 book “Don’t Make Me Think”. On the off chance that the message contained in your guide isn’t uproarious and clear your web guide will encounter a high surrender rate.


#3 Creating web outline that contain numerous datasets

This point takes after on from the last. The inverse of the “guide story” is the guide entry. A web outline tries to pack however many datasets as could reasonably be expected into a solitary web delineate. This might be the least demanding approach to distribute your information, however it is a long way from the best client encounter and most clients just won’t have the tolerance to investigate the greater part of the layers exhibited.

Your clients will be better server by an online interface that contains a different page for each dataset with a connection to a story delineate best exhibits the utilization of that particular dataset. Singular pages will likewise make it significantly less demanding for your clients to find the datasets by means of an internet searcher.


#4 Making your web outline like a desktop GIS

“The most widely recognized error in configuration is to accept that the clients of your plan see the world similarly as you.”

Most clients of your guide will have never utilized desktop GIS programming and their associations with advanced maps will doubtlessly have been with Google Maps. They will expect a similar level of effortlessness in your web delineate.

Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from:

  • Enormous legends with many layers that can be turned on and off
  • Mouse route that contrasts from Google Maps
  • Not having a reasonable guide title or depiction
  • Complex toolbars loaded with insignificant apparatuses


#5 If in question, take it out

To put it plainly, you should endeavor to influence your application as straightforward as conceivable with a specific end goal to enhance ease of use. You should endeavor to expel highlights from your web delineate than include them and you should can evacuate as much as possible. It’s the ideal opportunity for that measuring device and review guide to get the slash! Does your topical guide of U.S state destitution rates truly require a hunt work?

[ Further Reading: Travel Tips: How to Using a Google Maps ]

In the event that a component doesn’t somehow pass on the narrative of your guide then it has no place being there and ought to be expelled. The same goes for delineate, if a layer isn’t adding a remark account of your guide story then it needs to go. Additionally make sure to expel any traits from your distinguish popup windows that aren’t identified with the topic of the guide, they are only a diversion.



Web mapping isn’t another worldview it’s basically another medium. A medium that is anything but difficult to exchange your current guide influencing abilities to, gave that you to recall that with regards to the universe of the web, toning it down would be ideal.

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