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Need a web map on your website but don't have the time or resources? We will help you get one on there in minutes. Simply upload your data, make it look pretty, and then copy the code into your web page. Voilà, web map.

Don't know the first thing about web mapping, websites, or mapping data? That's OK - that's exactly why we're here. Even if you have only a vague idea about what you want on a map, we can help you find or even create the data for you. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get a map like this on your website in no time. Click on the map to view the sample.

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Not sure if it meets your needs? We understand. Watch our demo video, check out the examples, or give it a try for free! And remember that if you don't see it here, we can help you get it.

We also provide free starter accounts for those who only need something simple.

What others are saying!
“Makes map creation and sharing fast and easy!”

Glenn Letham, AnyGeo Blog
“This is a great tool for the average user to easily create great interactive maps. I don't think there is another solution out there that makes publishing a mashup quite this fast and easy.”

Scott Carte, GIS Coordinator
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I don't have a Shapefile or even know what one is. What do I do now?

We provide data creation and extraction services to help you get the data you need on a map. Let us know what we can do to help.

All I have are addresses, can I still use Mapbiquity?

Absolutely. We can geocode your addresses and create a layer you can add to a map easily. This is a service we provide. Contact us for more details. We are also working on functionality to allow you to do this yourself.

The system we need is much more complex than what I see here.

Although we've done our best to simplify building web maps, there is a substantial infrastructure built behind the scenes that can support quite a diversity of applications. Mapbiquity is built on open standards that can be easily extended. We can either use Mapbiquity's existing implementation or leverage the existing infrastructure in your own environment to fit your needs. Contact us for information on how you can create your own custom solutions or how we can build one for you.

I have a particular look-and-feel for my website. Can we make the map fit into that style?

Absolutely. If you can envision it, we can make it happen. Just let us know how you would like your map to look and we'll work with you to make the changes.

My data is pretty big. Can Mapbiquity handle it?

Sure. We have ways of optimizing your data to deliver it efficiently. Some services stop you at a few megabytes or 1000 features - not us. We know large datasets are the norm for many organizations. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to use it on the Web.

I don't know the first thing about web page editing. How do I put the map on my website?

We do have a couple of blog entries on the subject such as, Define Map Size and Adding a Web Map to a Blogger Post. If you still don't feel comfortable with it, we'll be happy to walk you through it or simply do it for you.